SPEED LIMIT: Vehicles must not exceed 10km/h within the park grounds. Please be aware of pedestrian and bike riders (particularly children) at all times.

NOISE: Noise must not be a nuisance to other sites. All radios, TV’s etc. must be turned off by 10.30pm.

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: Check in time from 2.00pm, check out by 10.00 am unless otherwise arranged with management.

VEGETATION: Please note that the removal or damaging of vegetation on crown land is a criminal offence. Any person seen removing or damaging trees or shrubs within the park grounds or surrounding foreshore areas will have occupancy rights removed and will be reported to the police.

CHILDREN: It is the parents or guardians responsibility to ensure that children understand and comply with all park rules. All children must be accompanied to the amenities by a person of a responsible age. It is the parents or guardians responsibility to ensure safe supervision of children when using the playground facilities, and to ensure appropriate behaviour when using all other communal facilities.

HELMETS: All riders of bikes, skateboards and scooters must wear a helmet at all times.

AMMENITIES, LAUNDRY & CAMP KITCHEN: Please note that all communal facilities are Non-Smoking. Please ensure that facilities are used for their intended purpose, (i.e. do not wash dishes in the laundry, do not wash clothes in the camp kitchen), and are left in a clean and tidy condition after use.

DOGS: Individual site holders will only be permitted to bring dogs into the park on the understanding that they comply with the following conditions at all times: Dogs will be kept on a leash at all times within the park grounds and owners will clean up after them. Dogs will not be left unattended in the park and dogs will be kept quiet. No animals are allowed inside any of our accommodation. Dog owners agree to take full responsibility of any personal injury or damage caused by their dog whilst within the confines of the park and agrees to pay for any claims of compensation in relation to the dog’s activities.

FIRES: All fires must accord with C.F.A. Guidelines (See information board in office) and be enclosed in an elevated fireplace. Fires are not to be left unsupervised and must be extinguished by 10:30 pm. The removal of trees or shrubs within the park grounds for any reason will result in immediate termination of occupancy rights. 

VISITORS: All visitors must be registered at reception when entering the park. Day visitors are not permitted to bring cars into the park unless management has given prior approval. Site holders are fully responsible for ensuring appropriate behaviour of both day, and overnight visitors and the payment of appropriate fees.

GARBAGE / RECYCLING: Please note all domestic garbage is to be wrapped in plastic bags and placed in Green bins.

ONLINE BOOKING INFORMATION: Please note prices quoted for all bookings are in AUD $$, and are inclusive of GST. Customer’s credit card details will not be retained or distributed by Marengo Holiday Park after bookings have been processed.

Management reserves the right to require any patron to withdraw from the park at any time if in the opinion of the managers, a patron’s conduct is not deemed to be appropriate and in accordance with the above conditions.